The Journey of Narcissus

Product Details

Name: Narcissus
Style: round neck top
SKU: 3194002


Material: 100% organic cotton
Color: Blue, Grey, Red
Fabric type: knitwear, waffle
Thickness: gauge 12
Washing treatment: wash programme 30 degrees


Available sizes: XS, S, M, L
Produced: November 2018
Number of suppliers for this product: 3

Aesthetic Stories - Quietude ; Psyche Skirt Blue 6

Yarn production & Dyeing Mill

Location: north of Portugal
Owners: family business, second generation
Specialized in: yarn production for (organic) cotton and cotton blends & dyeing
Nr. of employees: 28
Certifications: GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Better Cotton Initiative

The yarn producer and dyeing facility we work with was founded in 1982. The family-based company is located in the northern area of Portugal. It is known for its high quality organic cotton and cotton blends. The supplier imports the raw materials from different countries such as India, Pakistan, Belgium, Germany, and Norway.

Knitwear Factory

Location: north of Portugal
Owners: family business
Specialized in: knitwear
Nr. of employees: 16
Certifications: GOTS

The knitwear factory we work with was founded in 1984. We met Nelson and his parents, brother and sister about 1 year ago. Not only is this family a pleasure to work with, they have the knowledge and techniques to deliver high quality knitwear. Their team consists of only 16 people, however they do work with a few freelancers. Mostly women, who prefer to work from their own home for things such as embroidery details.

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