About our factories

Aesthetic Stories works with two different factories that are both located in the northern area of Portugal. One factory produces all our knitwear while the other makes all our woven items. We are very critical when it comes to our factories and suppliers. As we highly value transparency, we expect our partners to do the same.

Why Portugal?

Portugese factories are known for their high-quality clothing production. Besides, Portugal has sufficient labor conditions and several labor institutions are present such as trade-unions and labor inspections. On top of that, Portugal is close to home which makes it easy for us to visit and develop a transparent and flexible supply chain.

Overconsumption is a well-known phenomenon in today’s fashion market. Plenty of unsold garments end up directly in landfills. These unsold garments account for about 5-10% of the entire fashion production. Portugal offers small production possibilities which makes us flexible in responding to the market and thereby preventing overproduction as much as we can.

Our knitwear factory

Location: north of Portugal
Owner: Antonino
Specialized in: knitwear
Nr. of employees: 10 – 15

The knitwear factory we work with is based in the north of Portugal. It’s a real family business that was founded just a few years ago. Our collection is made of a special knitwear that is hardly produced in Europe anymore since most of it is outsourced to Asia. The factory of Antonino is one of the rare ones that is still producing this beautiful knit. He and his wife are really dedicated to their business and make every piece with endless love and dedication.

Our woven factory

Location: north of Portugal
Owners: family business
Specialized in: wovens
Nr. of employees: 75

The factory where we produce our woven garments is bigger than our knitwear factory. It was founded in 1984. We’ve met Elsa and Renato a year ago and we felt immediately that this was a good place. They are both very interested in the philosophy and background of Aesthetic Stories and really think along. We visited the factory a few times already and it’s always a pleasure to be there.

The factory is very much focused on the quality of their production and they maintain strict quality controls. Besides, they really look after their employees and create a healthy work environment. Their goal is to achieve a healthy balance between work- and family for all employees. A third party audit from SEDEX – SMETA (Sedex Members’ Ethical Trade Audit) was conducted by SGS Portugal that guarantees their efforts in the area of being a social responsible business.