Create a Lot_Aesthetic Stories


We collaborated with Lotte Verstappen for the illustrations on our website. She gave our muses a face, intensifying the matching values of the muses and Aesthetic Stories.

Check out more of her work: Create a Lot

We asked her a few questions and here’s what she had to say…

Why do you do what you do, and what do you love most about it?

Illustrating and painting sincerely makes me happy! I started painting and writing short stories at a young age. I must say I love to work on paper since it gives me the opportunity to illustrate my fantasies, thoughts, and creativity. My work subjects specific messages that are interpretable for everyone.

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you and where does your inspiration comes from?

The one thing that moves me most is the power to stay true to myself and doing things that make me happy for a full 100%. Sometimes I’m struggling,  since – in the end – we have to concede with some of the choices made by our society without actually supporting these. It worries me to see how we treat the earth. I am convinced we are able to take care of it in a more positive way! Therefore, it makes me happy to see that more and more people are becoming more conscious about this issue.

My inspiration mainly comes from nature, artists, illustrators, people, the world as a whole, images, architecture, and music. These are the inspiring words that turn up at this point, my inspiration actually comes from my entire surroundings.

How would you describe your artwork?

That for me is a rather difficult question. I work in very different ways. I display my feelings, which result in imaginative, soft and often sweet creations. All my expressions are understandable since I illustrate them in such a simplistic way.

What Role does an Artist have in society?

I believe, as an artist, you’d like to send out a certain message to the world. It often arises as a protest against a certain movement or action in society, and art gives you the possibility to show your opinion. Most of the times, art is a response or a reflection of what is happening around us.


Create a Lot_Aesthetic Stories

Create a Lot_Aesthetic Stories

Create a Lot_Aesthetic Stories

Create a Lot_Aesthetic Stories